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Excellent Aftersales Support from our Global Service Network

With numerous global manufacturing bases, the Pacific Green Technologies Global Service Network offers total reassurance of support wherever and whenever it is required and keeps costs down, maximising your return on your gas scrubber investment.

With the knowledge, skills and support of the Pacific Green Technologies Global Service Network, you can rely on your equipment for as long as you own it. Our committed team will ensure high performance that will keep you competitive throughout your equipment’s life cycle.

Our licensed installation and service centres are trained to both fit, and maintain, Pacific Green Technologies’ equipment. Our factory-trained personnel are on hand throughout the process to provide support and security for you and your vessel.

Pacific Green is pleased to offer an annual service agreement plan for its ENVI-Marine™ Exhaust Gas Cleaning System.

We recommend the following plan to maintain the ENVI-Marine Exhaust gas scrubbers within your fleet. This service agreement can be undertaken over a span of 3 years. The onboard inspections would take place with an initial inspection after exiting the guarantee period and a second visit 2 years later.

You could make an estimated saving of up to $37,700.00 per vessel over 3 years, with a more streamlined approach to maintenance

Part A – Onboard Inspection / Total of 2 Inspections 


Part B – Sensor Exchange Pool / Total of 3 Exchanges  

- Sensor Exchange for the WWMS

Part C – Bi-Annual Remote Inspection / Total of 6 Reports 

- Bi-annual remote reports on the systems performance
- Remote assistance for trouble shooting

Part D – Recommended Spares

- Bulk delivery of annual spares to decrease costs associated to delivery

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