The ENVI‑Marine™ process is a simple concept. The flue gases are first quenched, then cleaned, by specialized frothing through pure seawater, using our patented TurboHead™ process before being discharged as harmless salts.

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ENVI-Marine - How it works, component diagram

Functions by:

  • Using the natural alkalinity of seawater to absorb SO2 emissions produced by marine engines
  • Post treatment discharge of neutralized sulphur into sea
  • Using caustic soda (NaOH) as a supplemental reagent when transiting areas with low seawater alkalinity

Flexible layout due to:

  • Patented horizontal head
  • Potential for component separation
  • Able to configure footprint to fit space available
  • Compact footprint due to efficiency

How does it work?

Water is continuously sprayed down onto the TurboHead™ Structure where it meets gas flowing upwards. The unique patented design of the TurboHead™ causes the gas and water to mix and create a turbulent ‘froth’, sometimes referred to as ‘foam’. It is the maximum surface area of the froth where the reaction takes place to clean the exhaust gas.

  1. Nozzles, with carefully calculated water volume
  2. ‘Froth’ Layer, generated by interaction of gas and water
  3. Baffles, designed to maximise interaction
  4. Mesh, precision designed to encourage reaction